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Memorial Charles de Gaulle: live the life-size History!

Situated at feet of the Cross of Lorraine, the new Memorial Charles de Gaulle, inaugurated in October, 2008 by the President of the Republic and the German Chancellor, comes to complete a real route of report constituted by the family house and the grave of the General de Gaulle.

Developed according to an original angle, the attachment of Charles de Gaulle in the Haute-Marne and its landscapes, the Memorial becomes integrated into the omnipresent nature: the building imagined by the architects of the Memorial of Caen was so built so as to fit into its green setting.

Indeed beyond a traditional presentation of the man of June 18th or the first president of the Vth Republic, the Memorial Charles de Gaulle constitutes a appointment with the history of the XXth century and a meeting with the man in his intimacy.

The Charles de Gaulle Memorial site is situated at the foot of the Cross of Lorraine and completes the story of his life that began at
the family home and then continued at his tomb. The memorial takes an interestingly different slant on looking over his life, at his love and loyalty to Haute-Marne and its countryside. The Memorial building was conceived by the architects of the Caen Memorial and blends in wonderfully in the surrounding landscape. It goes well beyond the traditional representation of the man who called for resistance on 18 June 1940 or even the President of the Fifth Republic; it is an appointment with twentieth century history and a meeting with the man and his private life.

The museum has reconstructed interiors, film shows on large-screen supports, multimedia panels, soundtracks, dioramas, written commentaries, sound and audio-visual archives. There are more than 1 800 m2 of permanent and temporary exhibitions to take
the visitor back through the decisive moments in 20th century history and live it all on a grand scale.


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