Grands Lacs de Champagne


A magic word that evokes a wonderful world, the paradise of children and big children!

A beautiful family story

It all began in 1987 with two brothers, Patrice and Philipe Gélis. Coming from a long line of fairgrounds, they decided one day to create their amusement park on the family land in Dolancourt, between the trees and the river. Paris is bold, but in its first year of opening to the public, the park seduces visitors with its ten attractions. It’s a real success story that follows one another. It will continue to develop offering each year its share of novelties to become, today, one of the best amusement parks in France and Europe.

And it is a pride for all the inhabitants of the surroundings who are full of praise for this family success like the American dream… with Auboise sauce.

We love the incredible natural setting that the park offers us, the flowers and plant beds that punctuate the entire site with taste, this unique and magical atmosphere created by the many scenery and of course, the attractions for the whole family, from the youngest to the most adventurous.

The 1900 ©Nigloland carousel

A dream stay in Nigloland

To enjoy all the attractions of the park and to make the magic last, we advise you to opt for a stay at the park. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the shows, the very good table of the restaurant and a comfortable room of the Hotel des Pirates****.

And on the price side, the rates are unbeatable for this park which is one of the great 😉

The relaxation room of the restaurant & hotel des Pirates**** – ©Nigloland

Tremble for Nigloween!

It’s well known that we also like to be scared. So on the occasion of the Halloween party, the park puts on its darkest clothes, brings out monsters and pumpkins. A thrilling way to discover or rediscover the park.

And from the village of witches, every evening is fired a superb fireworks display. So put on your most beautiful monster costume and share this atypical atmosphere.

The fabulous scenery of Nigloween – ©Nigloland

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