The Great Lakes of Champagne are vibrant! Side sensations you will be served;) Take the plunge! If you have the trouillometer at zero, go your way and opt for a quiet hike, a down-to-earth activity where you will not have your head upside down. You people, adrenaline junkies, daredevils of all kinds adept at thrills, […]

Grands lacs de Champagne

Immerse yourself in a relaxing nature!

Enjoy preserved bodies of water less than two hours from Paris. Nature offers you a relaxing setting, ideal for a family or romantic holiday. Swimming, observations, hiking, amusement park, … many activities will be offered to those who have the chance to stay in the region!

La 64e Fête de la Choucroute prend place !

L'événement phare de Brienne-le-Château revient les 16 & 17 septembre 2023. On vous dévoile le menu de ce week-end festif...

JEP 2023 : Le programme est en ligne !

Elles ont lieu chaque année pendant le 2e week-end de septembre : les Journées Européennes du Patrimoine débarquent les 16...

The Great Lakes of Champagne in pictures

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Map of France, location of the regions of the great champagne lakes (lakes of the orient forest, lake of the der, lake of amance)