Grands Lacs de Champagne

Family Destination

The Great Lakes of Champagne is the ideal place for a family stay!

Enjoy many family and fun activities, in a preserved and relaxing natural setting.

Nigloland, the kingdom of children

Its reputation is well established, ranked among the best amusement parks in its category on a national and European scale, Nigloland is the essential stop of your family holidays! We love it because we have fun whatever its age and its taste for risk (from the nice hedgehogs for toddlers to the Dungeon of the extreme for the more adventurous), but also, the park offers a green nature that feels good. The century-old trees and the natural river, make that we always walk there with happiness.

The Tower of the Little Ghosts ©Nigloland
The Tower of the Little Ghosts ©Nigloland

All in the water!

Children and water often go hand in hand! Here they will be like little fish in the water of the lakes. So you put on your jersey and dive! Head to Lake Amance with its beautiful and large beach, which offers everything you need and more: playgrounds, sports, picnic, beautiful trees to enjoy a little shade, a beautiful walk leading to the port and restaurants … and of course, a host of activities and animations!

Water skiing, babys skiing, towed buoys, boat ride without a license, canoeing, bike ride along the lakes on the greenway, enough to make you beautiful holiday memories!

Lake Amance Beach – ©OTGLC LV

Taking an interest and learning together

A good holiday is like a good recipe, it takes several carefully chosen ingredients for the alchemy to work… and culture, history, heritage are part of it! So we push the doors of museums, we go to discover the villages, the churches by arming ourselves with audio guides and game booklets to learn while having fun!

Ecomuseum of the Orient Forest, the classroom of the 50s – ©OTGLC BC

The little beasts

Feathered or hairy, we love animals and there is plenty to do! Whether it’s admiring the wildlife thanks to the observatories of the lakes, contemplating the species inhabiting the Espace faune, going for a ride on horseback or playing apprentice farmers, our dear little blond heads, brown and redheaded will be delighted 🙂

Brand Farm – ©OTGLC AL

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