Grands Lacs de Champagne

Adrenaline Destination

The Great Lakes of Champagne are vibrant!

Side sensations you will be served;)

Take the plunge!

If you have the trouillometer at zero, go your way and opt for a quiet hike, a down-to-earth activity where you will not have your head upside down.

You people, adrenaline junkies, daredevils of all kinds adept at thrills, will love you!

Brienne-le-Château airport offers some cool activities to satisfy your craziest desires!

The parachute jump, of course, will offer you the most intense sensations. Arm yourself with your courage and a medical certificate to be able to jump out of the plane in flight 🙂 And do not worry, you will be very well supervised with a team of pros at your service.

You can also try your hand at ULM, and especially hydro-ULM! But what is it?? Imagine yourself aboard an inflatable boat suspended in the air thanks to its sail and you are there… you will have a magnificent view of the lakes and you will end your flight with a landing on Lake Amance! If you have seasickness or motion sickness in general, abstain, it’s a lot of noise…

Still in the air but more sinful, enjoy a plane ride, the view is beautiful, the sensations are present but do not push anyway!

In the air with Aube Parachutisme – Aerodrome of Brienne-le-Château ©Aube Parachutisme

Flying on the water!

Adrenaline question, you will also be seduced by all the water activities!

Lake Amance is the largest European lake dedicated to motorboating, with its 500 ha, it makes a beautiful playground to indulge in activities … Sports!

Water skiing, wakeboarding, towed buoys, jet skiing, hang on, it may shake and splash a little!

And for all those who play sports watching the game on TV, rest assured, from the large sandy beach, lying on your towel, cocktail in hand and in the shade of the umbrella or trees, you can spend hours watching others try their hand at ultra-tonic sports with more or less brio, it’s also a beautiful live show:)

Water ski lesson with the SNCA – ©Cyril Clichés

Air time… be careful it goes down!

Want more? Head to the Nigloland amusement park with its beautiful green setting, family attractions, 1900 carousel and… its sensational rides! With the Alpina Blitz, a superb roller coaster with no less than 9 air times, a top speed of 100 km/h and a fall of 33m in height, we are already a fan. But will you dare the Dungeon of the Extreme? The tallest rotating freefall tower in the world? Take a deep breath and make sure you’re hooked… you climb to 100m high, you will have time to admire the breathtaking view from the top of the tower … or to cling to your seat for a few seconds remembering the law of gravity developed by that dear Newton and makes you feel like an apple that will inevitably fall to the ground, but when ??? And let’s go for a vertiginous fall at 115km/h, a descent in 3 seconds chrono! It is advisable for the most sensitive to avoid lunch just before to avoid small annoying incidents 🙂

The Dungeon of the Extreme in Nigloland ©Nigloland

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