Grands Lacs de Champagne


The statue of Louis Rochet represents Bonaparte at 15 years old, leaving the military school. Standing, he holds in his right hand his favorite book, “The Lives of the Illustrious Men” by Plutarch. His left hand is slipped into the notch of his schoolboy’s waistcoat. This attitude became characteristic of the Emperor’s representations. Behind him, the globe recalls the will to conquer the world. The base of the statue is placed on a richly decorated pedestal, enhanced by 4 eagles carved on each corner. Three of the sides of the base are decorated respectively by the Imperial Weapons, the Civil Code and the Libra. At the front of the statue, one face contains an inscription which testifies to the singular attachment of Napoleon I to the town of Brienne and pays homage to him: “For my thought Brienne is my homeland, this is what I have Felt the first impressions of Man. “


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