Grands Lacs de Champagne


Metallurgic Park allows the public to discover the secrets of the expertise of the metallurgical industry of the regions of Northern Haute-Marne and South Meuse, on the park’s 4 sites. The biggest of these situated in Dommartin-le-Franc, on the site of the blast furnace with a sound and light show presenting 25 centuries of the metallurgical industry.

The other sites :
– the wash-houses of the Valley of the River Blaise,
– the former blast furnace of Vecqeville,
– the open pit mines of Poissons.

But also: temporary exhibitions each year, and animations and/or workshops.


Non renseignés


Non renseignés


Du 04/04/2020 au 22/11/2020

ReceptionDu 04/04/2020 au 22/11/2020


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