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Fédération de l’Aube pour la pêche et la protection d’un milieu aquatique

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Created in 1904, the Fédération de l’Aube pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique (Aube Federation for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment) is an association set up in accordance with the law of 1st July 1901.
Charged, by law, with missions of general interest, the Federation has the character of a public utility establishment and is approved for the protection of nature and the environment.

It is responsible for :
– Protecting aquatic environments, developing them and monitoring the Aube fish farm;
– to support and federate the 32 AAPPMAs of the department;
– to give its opinion to the interested authorities on any development of aquatic environments;
– to carry out actions to promote leisure fishing as well as information and education in terms of the protection of aquatic environments and fish heritage by carrying out all the work and interventions to enhance them.


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