Grands Lacs de Champagne


Born in Brienne-le-Château in 1773, Sylvain Charles Valée entered the military school of Brienne in 1781. He distinguished himself by his feats of arms, quickly climbed the military rungs and Napoleon made him Count of the Empire in 1814. He was subsequently charged with a vast plan for the improvement of artillery, and in particular revolutionized the cannon system. Following the capture of Constantine, he was appointed Governor of Algeria in 1837. A statue is erected to his glory and will be moved to Brienne in 1964, on the Place de la République. This statue of 3 meters high is the work of the sculptor Gustave Crauk. Maréchal Valée died in 1846 and was buried in the invalids. Its name is engraved under the triumphal arch.


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