Grands Lacs de Champagne

Festival Eté Nomade – 10ème édition

The Nomad Summer Festival is back !

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The Nomad Summer Festival comes back this year for its 10th edition!
Come along to Dienville beach to enjoy this not-to-be-missed event and get the summer off to a great start!

Eté Nomade is a gathering of enthusiasts, open to the whole family and respectful of the environment, peace and serenity.

There’s plenty of entertainment on the programme:
– Concerts – 8 in all – with free admission and voluntary participation, to brighten up your evenings: Friday at 8.30pm, Saturday at 6pm, and Sunday at 3pm.
Several artists will be performing : David Lesage, Matthew Brille Art, Cyrille Lecoq & Kelu, Adèle B, Jeremy Nattagh & Friends, David Charrier, Lily Jung, and Duo Será.
– Workshops to discover and perfect little-known instruments: the handpan, the didgeridoo, the Jew’s harp, etc.
– A creators’ village, with makers of instruments, jewellery, pottery and totem poles, as well as various stands: lithotherapy, artists and associations, etc.
– A wellness village, where you can discover relaxation, intuitive massages, reflexology, yoga, vibrational therapies, drum circles, mantra therapy, healing…

On site, you’ll find plenty to eat and drink: local beers and drinks, and home-made veggie food.

The Nomad Summer Festival is waiting for you!


Participation libre - Other
Workshops, animations, séances de bien-être : tarifs selon les intervenants - Other


Du 28/06/2024 au 30/06/2024

EventDu 28/06/2024 au 30/06/2024


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